Jan van Call (1656 - 1703/1706)*

A panoramic view of Rome

A panoramic view of Rome, seen from the north, possibly from the Villa Borghese
black lead, pen and black and brown ink, watercolour, an inscribed roundel, black and brown ink framing lines, watermark letters LL (?) 
346 x 357 mm. 

Jonas Witsen (1733-1788); Terwen, van der Schley, Yver, Ploos van Amstel and De Bosch, at Dankmeyer & Zoon, Amsterdam, 16 August 1790 f.f., possibly Kunstboek B, part of lot 62. Possibly acquired at or after the sale by or on behalf of Cornelis Ploos van Amstel’s niece Anna Ploos van Amstel (1735-1805) and her husband Jan Stadlander (1731-1802), by descent to their daughter Cornelia Margaretha (1766-1836) and her husband Gerrit Blaauw (1750-1825), by descent to their son Jean Blaauw (1791-1871), by descent to his son Certainly Gerrit Blaauw (1821-1894), by descent to his son Abraham Jacob Blaauw (1861-1945), and by descent to the present owner, preserved in an 18th Century portfolio. 

With some differences, printed in colours, attributed to Johann Teyler, Rijksprentenkabinet, Amsterdam (fig. 1). 

This panoramic view of Rome was drawn from a vantage point North of the City, possibly from the gardens of the Villa Borghese. At the right is the Castel Sant’Angelo, further back left the Colosseum, Van Call made a larger number of views in and outside Rome; some thirty were included in the Witsen sale in 1790. Witsen’s view of Rome was etched. This etching has so far been attributed to Johan Teyler, but we propose that this print was also done by Jan van Call, and subsequently printed in colours in the technique patented by Teyler. In this print the left foreground is omitted, although Van Call does maintain the small building in the foreground. The view of Rome is closely comparable to a small version of a Jan van Call’s small panoramic view of Florence, now in the Witt Library, London (fig 2). 

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